Toyota Prado 2016 Price in Pakistan Spec, Reviews, Features

The name associated with unmatched excellence and grandeur is Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. After flaunting its elegant style and powerful performance for sixty years. The majestic SUV is still a preferred vehicle among well-off Pakistani buyers. The year 2016 has brought even more luxuries to enjoy through a highly mesmerizing ride in this automobile. Toyota Prado 2016 price in Pakistan Land Cruiser Prado Turbo M/T (Diesel) is Rs. 13,949,000.

Big four-Wheeler will raise the social status of all the people who see You traveling in a car is very expensive. You will feel like royalty yourself stepping out of this magnificent beauty. Without even taking a look at the amazing metal body. The nameplate is enough to bring in awe of SUVs.

This vehicle is intended to perform smoothly on the road and off-road. Therefore, adventure travel is in the way when you decide to step inside the vehicle. You can feel the strength, energy and your own adrenaline flow throughout your body radiating with joy. The SUV will take you anywhere, be it a dessert. Rough roads and the damaged or Rocky piece of land.

Toyota Prado 2016 Reviews

The adventure is intended to be used together with family or friends. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado can accommodate up to eight people in a very spacious interior. Each passenger received treatment worthy of a Prince and Princess through various facilities added to the 2016 models. For example, a multiple-stage Heating for seat provides comfort that when it’s cold and extreme cold. In addition, the rear passengers can enjoy a nine-inch screen for watching movies via DVD entertainment systems are good vehicles. Toyota Prado 2016 price in Pakistan Land Cruiser Prado Turbo A/T is Rs. 19,399,000.

Manufacturers are trying to make the interior as comfortable as possible. Take care of every little feature. For example, located in six places in the SUV that twelve cups. Everyone can, therefore, have a drink of their choice to add to the enjoyment of the trip. You also have the option to fold the second and third-row seats to make room 50.8 cubic feet your luggage. Even drivers not left of luxury. And provided with a leather steering wheel that has the internal heating systems. The grip on the wheel will not be lost as so comfortable to hold it. In addition, a multi-information display and Bluetooth connectivity. For more advanced phones make it easier to drive SUVs.

Toyota Prado 2016 Price in Pakistan

Behind the unparalleled prowess is 5.7 L V8 engine. The optimal output from 381 hp at 5600 Matra can be achieved. On the other hand, the maximum torque is 401 lb-ft at 3600 Matra. DOHC engine with 32 valves responsible for giving the mileage 13 mpg city and highway mileage of 18 mpg. Manufacturers have used the latest technology to optimize the functioning of the machine through the acoustic control induction system. Intelligent and independent variable valve trimming. The specification is impressive is the reason behind the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado high prices in Pakistan. Toyota Prado 2016 price in Pakistan is Rs. 19,499,000.

The manufacturer has also given a fair share of attention to safety systems. Traction control, stability control technology a Smart stop, vehicles, electronic brake force distribution. Brake assist and brake anti-lock system Field are six valuable safety feature. That combined into the star safety system SUV. Therefore, even if the price of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wasteful. The vehicle is worth the deal because of its splendor, security, and performance.