Toyota Fortuner 2016 Price in Pakistan Specifications

In ancient times, people go on horsebacks that takes too much time to move from one place to another. But with the development of technology in the world. People began to create new ideas to make your trip easier and faster. So, in 1769 the idea car is introduced that has since been revolutionized. Various car types and models have been developed so far. Toyota Fortuner 2016 price in Pakistan is PKR 5,129,000.

The Toyota Fortuner is one of a new line of sport utility vehicles are created with a variety of attractive features, such as the metal body, wider front, the bigger lights. Automatic climate control system and maximum electricity production. Fortuner 4WD covers a distance of 9 km with one liter. It is stronger than other SUVS. The whole future has been designed to offer the resemblance with the Land Cruiser. Thus adding more value and charm to this car.

Toyota Fortuner Reviews

Toyota Fortuner has launched 2016 in Thailand. In addition to having a new design, all the new Fortuner gets 2016, a direct injection 1.7-liter turbocharged four-pot motor that will produce 177PS power. 2016 Fortuner will also come with a manual and automatic gearbox option produces 420Nm and 450Nm respectively. Toyota Fortuner 2016 price in Pakistan is PKR 5,129,000.

Toyota will introduce Toyota Fortuner 2017 and market analysts who make predictions. It will be available in the first month of the year. This version will offer strong competition to its rivals. The model now is not much different in outlook from the previous version of external. But internal not given extra touches to make it more attractive to consumers. A vibrant design gives the sporty charisma.

Exterior Beauty

Exterior features include a mirror made of Chrome and the frontal line built of steel that prevents rusting. Similarly, lights, fog lamps and rear to make cars more appealing to potential buyers. Toyota Fortuner 2017 is considered more expensive compared to the previous model. This is because of the additional features. Toyota Fortuner 2016 prices in Pakistan are determined based on the features and capacity of the machine. In Pakistan, the Toyota Fortuner was introduced in 2009. Toyota Fortuner 2016 price in Pakistan will be the reach of low-income buyers.

Rumors about the Fortuner 2017

At the same time, there is a rumor going around about Toyota Fortuner 2017. Most probably diesel Toyota Fortuner 2017 will be designed to reduce fuel consumption. The opening ceremony is expected to be launched in the middle of 2017. It will be modeled to enhance the interior or exterior.

So what are you waiting for? A luxury car with all the features available in your city. This car is a dream for anyone who wants a comfortable drive with exclusive style. Simple yet elegant and a family car that is perfect for everyone. If you are planning to give a pleasant surprise some of your partners your next wedding anniversary. This is the ideal choice. Toyota Fortuner 2016 price in Pakistan is PKR 5,129,000.

The Living Color Patterns

Since it is available in seven different shades. You can choose the one that goes with Your personality and tastes. Available colors: Pearl White smooth gold mica, Mica Metallic, Super white, Silver metallic mica, black Mica, metallic gray mica and metallic blue. So what else can you expect from a dream car? Select the Fortuner today and change your luck forever. Happy driving!