Toyota FJ40 For Sale By Owner Used Car Land Cruiser

This 1972 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser is said to be almost completely original including the paint inside and out. According to the seller, it is the owner of three trucks with only 71 k miles. If true, the spectacular conditions for 4 × 4 40 years old. It shows some signs of use over the years. But find one so solid in the bottom of the back door and with every gloss to the paint factory sounds. Find it here on Craigslist in Northern California for $18,500 Deals. This Toyota fj40 for sale by owner.

According to the seller, it still wears its original FJ40 green paint. Although top white painted in 2008. The seller added that it was always garaged, and judging by the complete no doubt. The vehicles are well-maintained even sometimes have accidents. So for this FJ to survive in these conditions while still covering 71 k miles is really a remarkable achievement. Seats, dash, and gauges are all said to be original. Apart from some wear to the driver’s seat and a few scuffs here and there. Everything seems to be in a condition almost new. Like the exterior, there are no signs of sun damage. And it may be difficult to find this FJ40 clean even 35 years ago, let alone today.



1973 Toyota FJ40 for Sale by Owner

This beautiful one owner FJ40 comes from California and the deserts of Nevada. Review posted 61 photos, notice the rust-prone areas FJ40 truck. And you will see this is the original sheet metal and Bondo body filler is void. The truck only has a series of five Michelin tires are fitted. New brake lines, front suspension components replaced. Fresh interior paint and with no shortage of in paint. The path of the truck and drives as well as it reflects the cosmetics.

This is an opportunity to buy Rust free, accident-free examples with an original. A truck that just sees one owner and no salt road. The truck is located in Nashville Tn Metro. Pre-purchase inspections independently are welcomed and encouraged. There will be an additional $99 dealer doc fee assessed the final selling price. Price Toyota Fj40 for sale by owner is $28.800 OBO.

1972 Toyota FJ40 for Sale by Owner

Vintage Autos worldwide is pleased to present this highly desirable and a restored 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. Explore vintage cars and trucks! You must see and drive this rare FJ40! Toyota J40 was the designation model Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series made from 1960 until 1984. (in Brazil, where it is known as the Toyota Bandeirante, was created from 1968 until 2001). Most 40 series land cruisers were built as 2-door SUV with slightly larger dimensions of the Jeep CJ.

This vintage1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Wholesale costs alone. The cost of the part and the recovery of the vehicle increases every day. They don’t make anymore and, because of that. They are becoming rarer by the day. Buy one complete and ensure your investment for the future. Don’t do the work yourself, get one completed for approximately half of the cost of building it yourself! An excellent investment and something that can be enjoyed every day. Price Toyota Fj40 for sale by owner is $18.900.