Suzuki Mehran 2016 Price In Pakistan Pictures and Reviews

Suzuki has introduced a variety of cars in the automotive industry and thus has gained a great reputation in the auto market. The vehicle introduced by Suzuki also loved and purchased in Pakistan in large numbers. However, the car, which has fulfilled the dream of many middle-class Pakistanis, is Mehran Suzuki. Suzuki Mehran 2016 price in Pakistan VX is Rs. 625,000.

It is a perfect and affordable car for a family. Can be seen running in the streets of Pakistan most often and thus it is the most popular car in Pakistan because of the elegant features. Mehran kept within the budget of the common people with income so that he can also give you pleasure and happiness of his family traveling in a car.


Suzuki has launched its latest Model SUZUKI Mehran VX VXR CNG and EURO II 2016 with an altered shape and attractive colors. It has low prices that make it easy to buy for people of the middle class. This is a family car that can be used for a variety of purposes. Latest Mehran VXR CNG and VX EURO II 2016 is stylish. And it’s very easy to drive. It can be driven by anyone on all kinds of roads in Pakistan. It’s easy to keep the maintenance due to its simplicity and low price. Has a full synchromesh manual system. This is a car that has 5 teeth, teeth 4 forward and 1 reverse.

Suzuki has always been a company that has provided the best quality. And Mehran 2016 has the features and machine, not unlike the old model from Mehran Suzuki. It generates good power that allows it to move smoothly drive the length of the well. SUZUKI Mehran VX with CNG 2016 can be driven up to a speed of 130 km/h. provides you with a range of 18 KM on the highway and 16 KM in the city. Time taken in the transmission is very good. It takes only 13 seconds from 0-60 KM/h. Suzuki Mehran 2016 price in Pakistan Mehran VX CNG is Rs. 695,000


No modification of the Inland SUZUKI Mehran VXR EURO 2016 2 models from the previous model. But there is a minor change. The Interior of the 2016 SUZUKI Mehran has a kind of Rack Pinion Steering &. It has a CD player and central locking. It also contains the AM/FM radio. Suzuki Mehran can be locked with the door locking technology strength. It has a capacity of 5 people. It has a seat belt to wear at the time of the caution, too. The car has a cheap interior Mehran is simple. This is the reason why it is used mostly by the middle-class family in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran 2016 price in Pakistan Mehran Mehran VXR is Rs. 678,000


2016 Mehran model is designed in a way that was modified with a stylish exterior. It has a sunroof or roof of the month. The exterior contains 4 doors and simple but good looking body that is shaped like a box. The square-shaped back with black bumpers. There is a wide range of colors available in it that contained the color red, color graphite gray, blue, silver of color and a white solid.


Mehran was a very popular car in Pakistan with cheap prices and easy availability of spare parts. The hotel has 6 OHC inline value of-3 engine that delivers exceptional performance. The gearbox is installed in it is a 4-speed manual transmission that is also one of the best features of Suzuki Mehran has. The fuel tank capacity is 30 liters. Can easily run for 570 KM around, which makes it very fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. Suzuki Mehran 2016 price in Pakistan Mehran Mehran VXR CNG is Rs. 748,000