Rolls Royce Price in Pakistan 2017 Review Specification

Rolls-Royce has been considered to be the main vehicles for decades. And their Phantom ultra-luxury sedan is proof of Rolls-Royce’s reputation. Rolls Royce ghost entry-level retails for around a quarter of a million dollars. While the approach of top-of-the-line Phantom Coupe and a half million dollars. Unparalleled levels of comfort, the finest ingredients. And the incomparable exclusivity dedicated car Rolls-Royce. Rolls Royce price in Pakistan were Rs 6.25 million.

But only a select few can enjoy a level of expertise. It doesn’t get much better than a Rolls-Royce. Considered the world’s finest automobiles, Rolls-Royce has been under the stewardship of BMW. For more than a decade, and their Phantom sedan, launched in 2003. The brand was revived from near obscurity to one of the prominent symbols of extreme wealth.

Hand-built model of the times and commissioned by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Its full name is the Rolls-Royce ghost exterior wear diamonds and Red Red Velvet. Grille aluminum and red accents on the wheels. The Interior does not have good stock, such as abandoned cars mentions the Red Empress shade. Combined with tan leather seat and Matching pillow headrests.

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Upon the request of their customers, Rolls-Royce doesn’t stop there. No less than 41 individual diamonds added to the cabin. “Each set into the pores open geometric inlays in Paldao veneer”-hence the name, we assume. There are no performance specs on the Red Diamond Edition ghost times announced. So we may be safe to assume that 563hp shares of 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 still found under the hood. That’s a lot to go along, even for the royals. Rolls Royce price in Pakistan is Rs 6.25 million.

At least that’s true in most cases because there are still companies like Rolls-Royce. Who actually build the crust over the car and as you can probably guess. This is one of them. Ghost series II serves as a follow-up to the middle of the cycle. The Board name accounts for the majority of Rolls-Royce’s budget scotch and cigars. Of course, still, there is not very many of them floating around. For example, ultra luxury brand BMW expects to set a new record this year by selling cars 4,000.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

Rolls-Royce has launched a new series based on the Phantom series II with the tagline Serenity. According to the manufacturer, the new luxury individual level has been introduced. Exterior changes are limited to paint. Rolls-Royce said that bespoke color “mother of Pearl” is the cat one-off most expensive ever developed in the history of the car. Polishing his own take on North 12 hours by hand.

The rear compartment of the Phantom is the most serene and calming to be. Where the past jumps fast. Rolls Royce price in Pakistan is £ 350,000 (approximately Rs. 55 million). With only the Interior of the efforts Chinese craftsmen. Rolls-Royce has not only used silk for interiors. But also trimmed cabin with cherry-wood smoke creates motifs bloom on door panels. While also applying a touch of paint “mother of Pearl” throughout the interior.