Proton Waja Modified Specifications, Features and Reviews

The Proton Waja modified is the first model designed in-house by Proton. However, the Steel chassis is based on the first generation (1995-2004) of Volvo S40/Mitsubishi Carisma model. Waja development began in late 1999 with the Campro engine. However, the development of the Campro engine was still in process at the time of the launch. And therefore Proton had to source the 4 g 18 engine for the Waja from Mitsubishi. Before switching to CamPro engines in 2006.

It’s been five years since the Steel is stopped. At the time of the launch. It was hailed as a significant milestone for the Proton. The car was some negative publicity along the way. But it does have the ability, and many are still loyal to serve their owners. For the budget conscious buyers shopping for the C-segment-sized vehicle with decent facilities. Steel used is well worth considering.

Proton Waja Overview

Steel debuted in late 2000 and then supported exclusively. By Mitsubishi-sourced 18 4 g 1.6-litre SOHC MPI gasoline engine powered 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. A further two variants with Renault-sourced powertrains, consisting of 1.9-litre turbodiesel. And 1.8-liter petrol, promised for later introduction, although only the final version of the manifest. After much delay, 1.8 Waja was launched in 2002. But the variant did not gain enough traction and sold in very limited quantities.


Steel production lasted 11 years, and a lot of changes and improvements to be carried out along the way. Most important changes include the introduction of the Campro engine to replace the factory 4 g 18 of 2006. Its own Campro engine was then removed.  R3 fettled model, showing the actual chassis and an extra machine. Also sold in limited quantities. In the United Kingdom, Proton Waja modified car has sold initially as a dream. Before reverting then the batch name of the Waja.


Waja boxy but his convictions shape has lasted the test of time well. In early models, the rectangular lamps. Bumper mounted front indicators and is reminiscent of the first generation of Proton Saga. Right from the start, all variants of the Proton Waja modified is equipped with halogen projector headlamps as standard.

After the Campro engine was introduced to the range. Waja familiar form of receiving two rounds of significant changes. The first round of changes taking place in 2006 brought a revised tail lights. Headlamp bezels back sculpture, and wire mesh front bumper grille in.

Proton Waja Modified

More significant changes implemented in revision MC3 2007. Where headlamps are once again changed and the whole front end was recreated by the way. Resembling a Volkswagen Bora. This view was taken to CPS variant, which accepts as HID lights upgrade that only external.

Most variants of the Waja ran on 15-inch wheels with tires 195/55; model CPS received an extra dose of comfort with thick 195/60 rubbers. Some versions had a 16-inch trim and they ran mainly on tire 205/55. Driving dynamics is the main strength of the Steel. Proton Waja modified has been getting a lot of criticism for having the courage to label ‘ Asia replied BMW ‘, but there is indeed some substance behind the claims ‘ Handling by Lotus ‘.

The suspension is independent all setup with hydraulic power steering, Waja offers inspiring Dynamics around the bend, while the generous amount of transmission feedback through the wheel. On long sweeping bends, you can bury the throttle with absolute confidence.