Proton Iriz Modified Active Concept Design Reviews

New proton Iriz modified custom body work launched by creating an additional top on the exterior and interior trim. This modification was done by Proton and known as the upcoming crossover concept car or mini SUV based on the chassis of the Iriz them. See more pictures of the exterior and interior modification concept car Iriz. Iriz concept with daylight LED in the headlamp and CFL light yellow bar to the side of the mirror. And the signal to the front bumper. The active rear look of Iriz.

Interior dashboard Proton Iriz modified active combined with large touch screen multimedia player Center. Leather wrapped steering wheel in orange and door trim is also in orange. CFL backlight led bar lights to tail like BMW and Audi style. Looks great on the front and sides left/right of the car. A good choice of colors and shapes. Should also work on the back side, the rear looks nice IMO, not quite flat.

Proton Iriz Modified Design

Designed to demonstrate what a platform capable of Iriz, Proton Iriz modified intends to parade car as new challengers into the mini-SUV segment. Before you rush out to Your nearest Proton showroom, let people know that. At least for now, the car is just a concept such as Proton intends to gauge public reaction before performing the next step. The response to the concept has to be positive. Proton will continue on putting it into production.

At the rear, the concept is equipped with fog lamps and rear turn indicators are now designed to bridge the gap between the rear shoulder panel and the panel gaps to boot. The leading crane hooks are also found in the back of the car. Again add to the charms of ‘ active ‘. Other features that stand behind the rear view camera is repositioned. Now under the badge of the Proton. The reason for the move is that the camera is behind the new look really replace the rearview mirror with monitor LCD “live” on the inside.

Proton Iriz Modified

Iriz modified Proton has collaborated with Korea technology giant. LG on the development of car electronics and lighting system. Now have a new lighting system called NEXLIDE. Electroluminescent film strip replaces daytime running LED lights. That has now been incorporated into the light Assembly. LED turn signals also repositioned, this time integrated into the bumper.

The center console has a Proton infotainment system 13.3-inch while the traditional set of gauges have been replaced by a 12.3-inch HD screen of the unit. Wireless charger in the tunnel center by increasing the reliability of the EMI. And integrated NFC (re-radiate antenna). Integrated air purifier and a complete list of added features. A splash of Orange and gray leather seats help spruce interior atmosphere and brown leather door inserts complete upgrade internal aesthetics.

Proton Iriz Active Concept

The peak is probably the newly developed the LG ‘ FENNEL ‘ system of autonomous emergency braking systems. Stereo cameras mounted in which employs the LCD monitor is “live”. And scan the road ahead for potential obstacles and pedestrians who may pose a threat. This system reminds employed by Volvo.

Unfortunately, the details under the hood are rare as Proton has remained Tight-lipped. About what they plan to use the powers of the Iriz active concept. From it, we can only speculate that the company may seek to introduce new machines at all – should the car never made production.