Passo Price in Pakistan 2016 Specifications and Features

It is worth mentioning here that Japan’s car is the car most well known as the most powerful machine. Smart exterior and modern interior. Maintain the graph requests the nation, Pakistan is importing the cars new Japan with the protector back. That is considered cheaper and economical. Like the recent introduction of the Vitz in Pakistani market cars, there is another new model called the Toyota Passo. Similar in shape and design with some small modifications and features. Let’s see, what Toyota represents.

You can compare the Toyota Passo price in Pakistan by car and other similar models. 2016 Passo is a five-door family car. Who has the frog as the shape of the future with crystal chandeliers are round like Hyundai CCD was in Pakistan. The back of this car is somewhat similar to the Suzuki Alto with a hanging Crystal brake and indicator light. The car looks more attractive with alloy wheels.

Toyota Passo Price in Pakistan

Internally, you will find well maintained and neat adjustable seats. With the convenience of a rear seat, head rests in curved seating to relax. The most interesting feature, you’ll find the handbrake and gear system is changed. 2012 Toyota Passo is fully automatic with power Windows, power steering. Have a handbrake stuck on the left side of the steering wheel. Toyota Passo Price in Pakistan 1000 cc is Rs. 1,200,000 to 1,400,000. Toyota Passo Price in Pakistan 1300 cc is Rs. 1,600,000 to 1,900,000.

Toyota PASSO Model booking gives you an outstanding and long-term execution. Have a motor capable of 1.3 L DOHC inline-4 sort of. It has 16 valves. It can be accessed in 5-speed manual transmission and 4 programmable acceleration transmission. Each one of these elements combines to create the results with high effectiveness and using less fuel. Here is the article far reaching in the most advanced methods for automatic import from Japan.


Toyota PASSO 2016 contains all security including that auto position should be. It has a health vehicle control (VSC) highlights Joint Anti-lock (ABS) mechanisms to slow. It also contains the electronic dispersion power brakes (EBD). Interesting security PASSO contains is welfare measures of impact. For example, dynamic headrest pillow case. It has one of the best slow down mechanism and everyone from joining this component. With it to make it automatic is very safe to take advantage and travel.


Import Toyota PASSO contains a smooth and pleasant in no not auto wasteful. It has the entire outlined perfectly and customized seat pleasant. The Chair has enough space from provides extreme comfort on long drives. The hotel has one good hand and breaks the framework of decent ear inserted into it. It also contains the power window and power control. This is a beautiful new interior Toyota Passo 2016.


Toyota PASSO has fashion in search of advanced automatic. This gives you a frog like looks like a hatchback. It has a metal body. It has front and rear fog lamps with the changes now. There are a very good light and the front side which adds to its elements. It contains gems brakes and lights on the rear side of the marker. Likewise, contain wiper front and intense side of the mirror. The compound wheels fit on it significantly.