Mehran Car Price in Pakistan 2016 Specs Of New Model

Suzuki Mehran is a global small car retired manufactured and marketed by Suzuki motor Pack. Suzuki subsidiary in Pakistan. This is actually the second generation Suzuki Alto CA/CC71 sold in Japan. And European markets from 1984-1988. Pakistan remains the only country in which the vehicle is still in production. When the second generation Suzuki Mehran arrived in Pakistan in 1989. It costs around 90,000 PKR. It is among the best-selling cars in Pakistan. Mehran car price in Pakistan 2016 VX EURO II Model is Rs 650,000.

By 2015, press reports indicate the car sold for the US $6,500-7700. A very high price for the car with everything that is manually operated, and with no safety features. The shortage of car airbags, abs, rear window defogger, air conditioner vents, seat belt reminders and even rear seat belts. From production up to now, the passenger/c vents that have been deleted. Headlights and tail lights, front bumper and grill have been updated. However, after 2013, EURO II Engine was fitted to the lagging emissions standards meet the requirements of Pakistan. The suspension system is based on the low cost of obsolete before leaf-sprung rigid shaft instead.

Mehran Car Price in Pakistan 2016

Discuss the Suzuki Mehran car price in Pakistan 2016  is like talking about a legend. And dreams that come true about the car that was intended for every citizen of Pakistan’s middle class. In the past few decades, Suzuki Mehran has successfully progressed to small family cars are perfect for the nation. No matter where one lives had parked in the garage Mehran they give the first feeling of elegance and class to elite households. Mehran car price in Pakistan 2016 VX CNG is Rs 720,000.

2012 car models come with improved fuel economy. And environmentally friendly engine technology, namely Euro II. 2017 new models have almost similar engines, style, and form. But some of the changes that have been made in the design of an internal and external car. The most important thing is that Pakistan needs to price this car always has been kept within the budget range of the average person.

Amazing Fuel Economy

Experienced-the fact that you can never disregard about the car is simple but very valuable is the amazing fuel economy. In addition, the sturdy body absorbs bumps the suspension and brakes are actively making the 2016 Mehran Suzuki car really reliable for the entire family. On average, your vehicle will run for 11-15 kilometers with a liter of gasoline. While 1 kg of CNG will allow you drive 15-18 kilometers. Mehran car price in Pakistan 2016 VXR EURO II Model is Rs 703,000.

Cost Efficiency

This famous auto manufacturing company in Pakistan to take years before he brought about a change in the model. However, it also makes sure that the price of the new model is released every always stored within the confines of faithful fans Suzuki economically. That’s why Mehran always serves as a means of transportation for a small family consisting of up to 5 members of the cheapest.

The Bottom Line

This is mainly due to the low efficiency of fuel price and specs Suzuki Mehran high-end Suzuki Mehran. That he has won the hearts of the Pakistani people on low incomes and can be seen in every corner of the country. The average present in it, like comfortable seating, air conditioning, cloth seats, four-door car, wheel caps and so forth.