Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Hyderabad Specifications

In an effort to offer our customers a richer experience buys Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL Microsoft’s) opened a series of the new showroom was dubbed the ‘ Maruti Suzuki Nexa ‘ by 2015. These shops dealing exclusively in Maruti’s premium offerings include S-cross. Baleno and hatchback new series. The purpose of the Nexa dealer is to maintain the premium and offer customers a more personal experience. Launched in July 2015, Nexa sales channels have reached the 200 milestone showroom. With the last one coming in Hyderabad. Read on to find out more about Maruti Suzuki showroom in Hyderabad.

In order to offer a more premium experience for its customers. Maruti has recruited approximately 1,000 professionals from the sectors of financial services, hospitality, and flights will be attending to every customer personally. Each ‘ Relationship managers ‘ conversant with every aspect of the car from the materials used for the technical details. This dealership has valet parking and offers a lounge-like experience where customers are served tea. Coffee and other beverages to their preferences.

Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Hyderabad

There is also a smartphone application that can be used to track various parameters of your vehicle. Book service date, call for roadside assistance and many other features. Customers will receive the keys to their vehicle. And will drive straight from the air conditioned showroom. to make things a bit more personal, favorite music buyers will be played during the delivery and handed over the car.

Here are the features that stand out from Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Hyderabad Nexa dealer channel. Exclusive retail dealers only premium offerings from Maruti Suzuki as S-Cross and Baleno … Future products may include Ciaz a facelift. Fully trained ‘ relationship managers ‘ who meet all customer requirements. The display case is equipped with a TV and Apple iPads to visualize every aspect of the car for sale.

Smartphone app to keep track of the history of the service, book appointments, emergency support services, accessory purchases, etc. Black and white monochromatic color themes for the NEXA dealer. The dedicated delivery area in the showroom. Customers drive new cars/straight from the showroom. Dealers will also play your favorite music at the time of delivery. 35-40 dealers in 30 cities at the time of the launch. This figure has gone up to 100 in just 6 months. Dealers have been given a chance to open the NEXA showroom.

Maruti Suzuki Nexa Showroom Gallery

Nexa line dealer has its own color scheme with Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Hyderabad finished entirely in black and white. Maruti Suzuki has appointed dealers to open showrooms NEXA. And the costs will be borne by the dealer. In the case of customers approach the non-dealer for purchasing NEXA S-Cross and other premium products. He will be directed to the nearest NEXA showroom. Right now, there is no special service center planned for the NEXA vehicles. But there are plans to do that in the pipeline. For now, the regular service center will be responsible for servicing and maintenance of these vehicles. Nexa is best Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Hyderabad.