George Weber Chevrolet Company Car Dealership

George Weber Chevrolet implement company was found by George Weber in 1902 on the main road which is about where the Gateway Arch is now. The company provided equipment such as plows, threshers, sawmill equipment, carts, Chariots, and steam engines. That sale was a farmer in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. The warehouse for the company is where the stuff comes in by trains East St. Louis, Illinois. A steam engine who works on the Ranch has been lit with anything. That will burn including coal, wood and corn cobs.

This business is very good from the start, and three years later the company moved. To expand the facilities at the southwest corner of 19th and locust streets. It is a short walk to the train depot from farmers at Union Station. At that time, everyone travels by train and all shipping by rail or river boat package. In 1908, the company added that car line as a wagon train and phasing. The name change to carry out car company and Weber. At that time, there were some 300 different manufacturers. And the locust Street became known as the “automobile row” or main area to shop for a car.

Some manufacture the Hupp Motor Company, Mitchell Motor, month, Gardner. Doris, Saxon, Lozier, Maxwell and Chalmers, Lexington, f. Dorris, and gray and stars. Weber’s company became a distributor of Hupp Motor Co. and dealers who is appointed to Huppmobile over the 150-mile radius. Many of the new dealers this is the station that carries on the car. George Weber Jr. joined his father at the company during school holidays. And later became full time in 1925.

George Weber Chevrolet Reviews

In the early days of car sales, You must teach prospective customers to drive before you sell the car. Webers is sold and distributed. The parts that guarantee provided for warranty and repairs. They still continue to implement agricultural business to service and repair that has been sold in advance. Locust Street between 18 and Channing remains as “car row” until 1935. George Weber Chevrolet company was one of the first people to receive a “trade-in” when someone wants to the new model.

In 1930, the Chrysler Corporation was appointed as distributor of Weber for the Plymouth and DeSoto cars and in 1938. The company moved to 4035 Lindell Blvd. on the corner of Sarah Street. During World War II, all car production ceased, and gasoline rationing imposed. Some owners kept their cars. New cars put in the warehouse and only sold in priority to those who have a certificate stating the U.S. Government. That their cars would be “important for the war effort”.

This soon ran out and business is very slow. George Weber Chevrolet continued to service the car showroom and converted into a die casting plant for aircraft spare parts. Curtiss-Wright in St. Louis, North America in Kansas City. And Boeing in Wichita Kansas all customers. Auto production back in late 1945 and 1946 Weber back to sell the car and aircraft parts gradually. In 1952, General Motors Chevrolet franchise companies are given. The name changed to Weber Chevrolet company.