Galles Chevrolet in Albuquerque NM 2016 & 2017 Reviews

Family Galles began serving New Mexico in 1908. Today, Galles Chevrolet is the largest Chevrolet dealership in New Mexico and is the only locally owned. Family operated Chevrolet dealer in Albuquerque. With more than 150 employees serve you, Galles Chevrolet is dedicated to offering the highest level of service. Experience the difference of Galles. That is how we have been doing business for over 100 years. Mechanics and service representative Galles Chevrolet is a Chevrolet trained and utilize advanced technology to keep your car running smoothly. family has been a part of complicated transportation in New Mexico. Since Nicholas Galles arrived in the area via the Santa Fe Trail and set up business as a wagon maker in the mid-1800 ‘s. the primary role of the Family in the automotive industry emerged in the State was confirmed again in 1908, when H.L. Galles, SR., founded the Galles Motor Company. Finally selling the first 11 cars in the territory of New Mexico. And laid the Foundation for what is now the oldest and largest automotive family business in the State.

Galles Chevrolet Reviews

In 1933, Galles Chevrolet Motor Company purchased the franchise’s Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet. By H.L. Galles Jr. at the helm, the company quickly grew as a major employer in New Mexico. With dealers in Albuquerque, Silver City, and Santa Fe-as well as in Portland and Phoenix. As Chairman of Motor Company until his death in 2007, H.L. Galles, Jr. is also a strength that is recognized at the national automotive industry scene. And served as President of the National Automobile Dealers Association in Washington, D.C.

More than 100 years after its founding, Galles Chevrolet Motor Company is a 5 generation family business with Rick Galles on the helm as President and CEO. In addition to the flagship dealer, Galles Chevrolet, which remains the largest family-owned New Mexico. And the dealer operated, Galles Motor Company is also laying claim to the 24-year history in professional motorsports. During this period, Rick Galles led his team to 21 Indy car WINS. Indy Car World Series Championship in 1990 and Indianapolis 500 win in 1992. A list of the team’s drivers, including Al Unser Jr., Bobby Rahal, Danny Sullivan, Geoff Brabham, Davey Hamilton, Adrian Fernandez and much more.

Galles Motor Company

In 2012, the top heading his team win in the history of the 6th GRAND PRIX of Long Beach. Rick is respected by colleagues with induction in the Long Beach Grand Prix Motorsports Hall of Fame. The medal he joined people from 14 previously. Rick has also been heavily involved in the real estate industry. The founder of the Galles properties in 2002, and as competitors in the industry cutting horse professional. Developed one of the largest clinical programs in the country and hosting several events of the NCHA.

In addition to their business ventures, family Galles Chevrolet was extremely active in the community. They are a staunch supporter of the University Of New Mexico “Lobo” athletic program. Carrie Tingley hospital and Galles “friend of youth” organization of Albuquerque.

Family Galles began serving New Mexico in 1908. Today, Galles Chevrolet is the largest Chevrolet dealership in New Mexico. And the only locally owned and operated family Chevy dealers in Albuquerque, NM near Los Lunas, Moriarty. And Santa Fe, NM. Galles Chevrolet has over 150 employees dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service. Experience the difference of Galles.