Datsun GO Price in Chennai Specifications and Reviews

The first budget hatchback from under the umbrella of Nissan Datsun. GO take another entry-level hatchback such as the Maruti Alto K10 and Renault Kwid. GO followed by entry-level MPV called the go + though not have managed to set up the sales charts on fire. Thus both cars have a limited edition variant of the ‘ style ‘ that was launched recently. Later, Datsun launched the limited edition of NXT go that come with additional accessories worth Rs 20,000 but at a nominal price increase over go (T) at Rs 5,000. According to the latest reports, Datsun is considering introducing a 1-liter engine in the upcoming  Renault go place 1.2-liter. The 3-cylinder engine which uses at the moment. Datsun GO price in Chennai Rs. 3.85 to 4.96 lakh.

More or less is what we always wanted and it was no different when it comes to cars. For example, the concept of a sub-four-metre sedan and SUV is strong evidence that. If that wasn’t enough, now the Datsun will further allege by launching the first sub-four-metre MPV in India. Go +, with a seven-seat arrangement. Technically, the new Go + remains the same as the hatchback sibling in addition to the added weight 38 kg and deal with it. Datsun had tuned the engine and suspension are really good. Using the same 1.2 L, 3-cylinder gasoline engine from brother hatched without any increase in power. And torque output and more, it seemed pretty crowded even with little press throttle.

Powertrain and Performance

Datsun has ensured that the speed of low grunt go + make it a fun car to drive. This machine churns out power output 67 bhp arriving at 5000 rpm. Responsive engine and the car can be controlled easily. You can shift the gear without revving the engine hard. It is a DOHC engine and really feels so because it does not feel strained under hard acceleration. And even feels very smooth at high rpm. The output torque of the machine this is 104 Nm that comes with a relaxed way at 4000 rpm. And also distributed by the five-speed gearbox. Datsun GO price in Chennai Rs. 3.85 to 4.96 lakh.

The gearbox is also easy to work with and a light clutch makes a shift in the wind. There is always a positive response from the speed sensitive power steering electronics. Have substance when you go in a straight line and feel light enough while parking in the boardroom. The overall visibility was good enough and not feel added boot annoying once you get behind the wheel. In fact, long added does not interfere at all even in the corners as Datsun has tuned rear suspension to reduce body roll.

Building and Styling

Go new + look exactly the same as go (in addition to boot). And take some attention to distinguished from hatched siblings from the front. Headlights, Grill, Cap and body panels look so familiar it is hard to believe that it is a new car. In fact, it is not right to call the go + new car because it is based on the same platform Go and even shared the same wheelbase. You will be asked where the difference lies. Datsun GO price in Chennai Rs. 3.85 to 4.96 lakh.

Move to the side and changes become apparent. At first glance, it’s difficult to agree that the go + is less than four meters in length. Somehow managing to get a proper MPV is visible from the side. The third row can be occupied only by small children. The last bench placed very low and can be accessed by flipping the second-row forward. Seat front and second row felt exactly the same as going. Datsun GO price in Chennai Rs. 3.85 to 4.96 lakh.