Corolla 2016 Price in Pakistan Car Version XLi VVTi Reviews

It is really important to mention here that the Toyota Corolla has been in production for more than a decade. Toyota VVTi Toyota Corolla Xli, GLi, and Toyota Altis are one of the models that are used for both household and commercial. In this car, E U.A. has worked for the police and Highway purposes whereas in Pakistan the main usage of this car is as a family one. Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan PKR 1,624 million.

Some may not agree, but that is the actual fact that the Xli is early models of the product line. Currently being produced in many variants but the overall form of the same. Drastic change in shape is in 2008, and later in the year 2015. The earlier form was on the market from 2001 to 2008. In the context of Pakistan car,  the market is considered one of the successful.

Toyota Xli 2016 in Pakistan

Toyota Xli comes with a sporty look with good clearance. The most amazing fact is that this car can withstand bumpy roads and uneven surfaces. Most of the cars in this category might have some issue while driving in the village. Another important thing about this car is the economics of it brings with itself. In addition to providing luxury with comfortable seats and integrated suspension, low fuel consumption which is a feature that is best for the people of Pakistan.

It is a car that is categorized as a SEDAN and has four doors. XLI broad had the capacity to accommodate up to five people. There are two arms lies in this model in the front seat. Similarly, the car had a complete media player options and one can only turn on the song via cable AUX. Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan that PKR 1,624 million.

Crystal tail lights slim makes the car more awesome on the way. This is one of the latest designs and also unique. You can add alloy wheels depending on the requirements. Large rear bumper and give a sporty look. There are different colors offered on Toyota models. Front head light is very different from the silver lining on AIR CONDITIONING grill.


There are a variety of added features in the car. Although it does not contain air sacs but the design is to control injuries. The possibility of injury is reduced through this latest design. There is Anti-braking system Locking to make it more competitive. If you intend for a long drive in this car then it is one of the best options. Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan that PKR 1,624 million.Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan

Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan

The cost of this car is around 1.75 million Pakistani Rupee after including all taxes. Compared to other cars is one of the best choices in this price. The criticism is of the view that compared with Japan car was reconditioned is not a good option. But one thing we have to understand that it is one of the brand new cars. One can easily use this for the purposes of family transportation system because it has a very strong air conditioning. Similarly, with comfortable seats will never let passengers feel tired. Corolla 2016 price in Pakistan that PKR 1,624 million.