Chinese Mehran in Pakistan Specs, Price and Reviews

Suzuki Mehran which is a 2nd generation Alto is the cheapest car that we have here in Pakistan. Launched back in 1989 with the ‘ Alto ‘ nameplate bearing a price tag of only about 90,000/-PKR. And then rebadged as ‘ Mehran ‘ in 1992. Since then other than fuel injection & some cosmetic changes nothing much has changed. But after nearly 27 years of his life in Pakistan. New cost Chinese Mehran in Pakistan PKR. 630,000/-for the basic VX version came without a/c. And up to PKR 753.000/-for the VXR CNG equipped with air conditioning and CNG.

The price tag is pretty moot because local Mehran missed basic equipment & safety features. While the same car with better features and the lower price tag is available in a variety of automotive market in the world. As in India, Maruti 800 which was removed in 2013 is available from only 278.000/-INR (449.000/-PKR) up to INR 3.18 lac (514.000/-PKR).

Chinese Mehran in Pakistan Price

In addition to Pakistan, China is the only country which-2nd generation Alto is being created. But it comes with many features and bears a very affordable price tag. This is called the Chinese Mehran in Pakistan and produced by Jiangnan Auto, a subsidiary of Zotye automobile. The list price of the TT starts at 20.800 yuan but the dealer offers discounts 5,000 yuan. And it brings the price down to only 15.800 yuan, or $2.415! The equivalent of only 251.000/-PKR

TT Jiangnan fully loaded features a dashboard that is completely redesigned, 4 spoke steering wheel, a digital odometer, Cup holders. Mp3 player with USB input, EFI engine, front rear-seat belt &, collapsible steering column, brake ABS. right rear suspension with coil springs shock, Alloy wheels right side mirror pulling & etc.

Compare with fully loaded VXR CNG at PKR 753.000/local Mehran, don’t even offer half of the features offered by the Jiangnan. Still, buyers in Pakistan pay about 3 times the price of the TT. This is a matter of concern for those who pay the outrageous amount for a basic car as Mehran. And the Government itself that has failed to control his vehicle manufacturing standards in our country.

Chinese Mehran in Pakistan Reviews

This is, perhaps, the reason that thousands of people immediately want to TT should be made available in Pakistan. We receive many questions about the car and whether it will be sold in Pakistan. Some websites abused user requests to increase their traffic by spreading false rumors. That TT Jiangnan (Chinese Mehran in Pakistan lookalike) will soon be sold in Pakistan.

Jiangnan TT is a car with a left drive while we have the right car drives in Pakistan. So driving it will become more difficult. If you think you can turn it into a right-hand drive. Keep in mind that it will cost a lot of cash plus you may lose a good looking dashboard. Import tax will raise the price of a car in a big way. Car prices are indeed translated 250,000 Pakistan Rupee. However, the tax will increase that number by almost twice.

Keep in mind that even though it looks, not all parts can be used with Chinese Mehran in Pakistan. While the body and some of the same interior, engine and some of the better looking for interior parts are different. When necessary, this section will have to be imported from China.