Chevrolet 5.3 Complete Crate Engine GM Performance

GM release the first Gen-III Chevrolet 5.3 Complete Crate Engine in 1999 on a platform truck Silverado and Sierra. GM performance parts (GMPP) has taken notice of these millions. And release a replacement bolt-in performance-LS327. Produce 347 hp and 327 lb-ft of torque, can wake up Your new LS327 tired. High mileage 4.8 or 5.3 L and adds a new level of performance to your daily driver.

Not just a relabeled GMPP LS-engine, doing some upgrades to the machine by inserting eight-piston hyper-eutectic coated Graf. And a camshaft snappier with 0.467/0.479 lift and duration of the 196/197. HO LS327/5.3 L, came as long-block, complete with blankets, and the valve is compatible with truck and SUV engine accessories. Each engine GMPP crate experience 50 hours of testing the resilience of high load. It comes with a warranty of 24 months, and with a price tag of only $3,150, you can’t go wrong.

Take a look at our truck fleet, ‘ 02 Chevy Avalanche trapped like a thumb ache. Due to the high mileage, it seems obsolete Chevrolet 5.3 Complete Crate Engine under the hood. Call the GMPP, GM placed an order for a new store and lined LS327 to help us with the engine swap. Before GM take delivery of the crate Engine, GM chassis dyno test was done in the center of the Tech Source Interlink.

GM Chevrolet 5.3 Complete Crate Engine

Jason Scudellari, Mustang chassis dyno technician. Create three powerful pull on the dyno to provide genuine GM performance engine base. Surprisingly all GM, avalanche, equipped with 22-inch wheels/tires, intake K & n. And Magnaflow exhaust, only made 272 hp and 202 lb-ft of torque. Rating at 285 hp (at the flywheel) in ‘ 02, it was the loss of 83 horses over the last mile 120.736. Scratching head GM, GM can’t wait for a new GMPP LS327 for lowered.

A new GMPP LS327 crate engines are loaded to the top place of the avalanche ‘ 02. And submit to the Trader a sports truck in Santa Fe Springs, California, for the engine swap. GM engine swap procedure was photograph starting with the Elimination of factory 5.3 L Vortec saved 120.736 miles. Some of the external component of the original machines and accessories using on the engine crate LS327 recently.


As GM avalanche drove from Office over to the merchant in Santa Fe Springs. GM could tell the machine tired. After HO GMPP LS327/ Chevrolet 5.3 Complete Crate Engine Bay relegated to avalanches. And they plumb and wired the ignition key is inserting, the Ox. wait a few seconds and turning the key. LS327 recently fired right up.

Although the machines that run on pre-GMPP before it is sent. The cow ran the engine at 2000 rpm for about 20 minutes before GM took it for a test drive. LS327 recently performance well on its maiden voyage down the short sprint in streets and highways. When the ignition is turning off, the engine shut off tightly. A number of parts of the original engine were used in a new GMPP LS327 crate engines and GM there are marital problems all parts together.