Cheap Car Insurance in MS Quotes, Coverage & Requirements

The cost of insurance varies depending on age, gender, credit history and other factors. Prices may even swing dramatically from one insurer to the next seems to be no reason at all. That’s why shopping around and comparing prices is very important. To help you find the cheap car insurance in MS car drivers. Examined two options for the country’s lowest category the following riders:

Cheapest for safe drivers

Cheap car insurance in MS, For drivers with clean records, Safeco come $16 per month in the study are cheaper than the next nearest competitor, USAA. Only the active or retired military and their families are eligible for USAA. And these customers may find that membership benefits on things like travel. And shopping centers that are worth an additional premium. But for those who do not qualify for USAA, Safeco is great and affordable options.

Cheaper for young drivers

For Mississippi’s young driver, USAA and Safeco print quote almost identical in our testing. The two companies have some discounts and awards intended for first-time drivers. But Safeco has a little edge in that Department. Parents can also be assured that their children can depend on USAA or Safeco in crisis. Both companies have a great rating for customer service.

Cheap car insurance in MS for high mileage drivers

Average Safeco notched plucked almost $20 less per month USAA for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Both companies offer roadside assistance and replacement service leasing. That can be useful for people who rely on their vehicles.

Cheap car insurance in MS for drivers with perfect record

For drivers who have been on-error accidents, DUIs or moving violations. The research found that Mississippi drivers with spotty records could Score a price of $29 per month lower with Safeco. Compared to the next closest competitors, USAA. Both companies are offering an array of discounts — including for bundling policy. And take a driver safety course — and key features such as accident forgiveness.

Alternative cheap car insurance in MS

Drivers who cannot afford to buy Mississippi car insurance through the open market may be eligible. For coverage through state high-risk or assigned risk network. This option would be ideal for drivers with violations of weight on their records. A bad credit history or other personal factors keep them from getting coverage. Car insurance to find the most competitive rates in Mississippi.

Ran the price of insurance in Mississippi’s largest in several ZIP codes. Tested for drivers with no accidents or violations, drivers are younger than 25. Drivers who travel more than 40 miles per day, and drivers with violations or accidents on their record. Used Ford F-150 as the vehicle of our sample, the most popular model in Mississippi. This is an example of your own prices will be different.

Car insurance requirements in Mississippi

Mississippi drivers are required to carry liability insurance. If you ever find guilty for the accident, this coverage goes towards paying others to injury or property damage.

The minimum limit is:

  • injury liability $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per injury liability accident
  • responsibility for property damage of $25,000 per accident

Bear in mind, experts recommend getting more than the minimum. As at fault accidents can easily result in injury or repair bills are higher than the amounts listed above. You may also want to consider common Add-ons such as collision. Comprehensive protection and insurance riders.