Maruti Suzuki Celerio Price in Pune Specifications and Pictures

Celerio technology designed to evoke. And give you the winning edge with technology machine K-Next and the Drive-by-wire. Right from the ignition, you know you will be driving experience one-of-its-kind. Add to this the best in class mileage Maruti Suzuki Celerio and you actually have a car that has it all. Celerio price in Pune is Rs 4.05 Lakh to Rs 5.9 Lakh.


EZ Drive technology breakthrough is here to change your driving experience for all. With shift gear Auto revolutionary and all manual transmission new. Shifting gear Auto revolutionary gives you the freedom to make any drive easily without having to press the clutch pedal or changing gear. It is based on the electronic control unit. A precision drives hydraulic actuators to control the clutch engagement. And equipment shift. It also ensures that the teeth and clutch operation occurs at the optimal times. This gives you the convenience of automatic driving fuel efficiency with a manual transmission.

Celerio Price in Pune

The car machine K-Next is better in every way. In addition to a flatter engine torque. It has a technology Drive-by-wire resulting in a peppier drive. Along with that, a variety of improvements such as the compression ratio is optimized, reduced friction losses. Low-viscosity engine oil and redesigned valves and springs lead to fuel efficiency. So now, you enjoy throttle faster response, better torque delivery, and class-leading mileage too. Celerio meets all the requirements to deliver the peak driving experience. Celerio price in Pune is Rs 4.05 Lakh to Rs 5.9 Lakh.

Electronic throttle body which gives you a better torque delivery and more responsive drive in addition help fuel efficiency is higher. Making it one of the best hatchbacks. If the curve makes the car, Celerio got them all. We call a thrilling new design CICO styles ‘ Curve in the curves Out ‘. This lends the car a young body image, better aerodynamics and radiates energy. No wonder, it is the cars that are desired by all.

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Spacious cabin space is just another example of Celerio has all you want. The Interior has been intelligently designed to maximize space and comfort. It provides you with spacious, airy cabin headroom, legroom, shoulder room. And a big boot space. That’s what we call XpanDesign-the secret behind the Celerio’s ability to make room for friends and family on each of your drives. You also have the option to split the flexibility in rear seats to 60:40 to increase Luggage capacity. Further, the flow curve of the dashboard and how he joined the rest of the interior gives the cabin a premium feel. So now, enjoy all Your Spaces as you drive around town in Celerio. Celerio price in Pune is Rs 4.05 Lakh to Rs 5.9 Lakh.

Drag the music tracks, adjust the volume level, answering and making calls without taking hands off the wheel. We want it all! Celerio is full of small gizmos which let you have it all. Enjoy hassle free drive and get easy access to all the controls with features such as integrated audio with Bluetooth connectivity. And steering wheel-mounted audio controls. Add to that, the multi-display info displays information such as fuel efficiency instantly. Fuel efficiency average, distance, etc. will introduce you to a new age of convenience. Celerio price in Pune is Rs 4.05 Lakh to Rs 5.9 Lakh.