BMW Car Price in Kolkata Specifications, Pictures and Reviews

The German manufacturer is famous for the production of Executive class cars with a price, of course. Bavarian Motor Work or BMW that was originally named the Rover company founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. Is a well-known car manufacturer, almost every car at BMW t generates directly into the discussions? Not only in his native country but also around the world. This is the one who became the fascination of BMW cars. BMW car price in Kolkata is Rs. 28,56,000.

BMW is also the first car company to use technology as a reputable manufacturer ABS, the world. BMW has been producing the kind of cars that are included in the categories of luxury cars with sophisticated technology. It was clear from the look of the design sector each year showing the different variants. In addition to producing top-class cars, BMW has also been assembling as well as making aircraft engines. With good enough quality in the world.

Specification of BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 series is an Executive car that was created since May 1975. BMW 3 series this is the successor of the BMW 2002 Coupe which had previously been successful around the world. For BMW 3 series 320i class at has two variants i.e. BMW 320i BMW 320 Sport, Luxury, in this variant the second BMW look offers luxurious design. Price or send it to a BMW 320i BMW offers Luxury at a price more expensive. The BMW Car price in Kolkata of the more expensive due to a machine that’s more than the BMW 320i Sporty types.  BMW car price in Kolkata is Rs. 28,56,000.

BMW 320i comes as a refresher with the elegant design brings this car come bring luxury. And BMW appears to be machine Affairs need not doubt. With power reaching 300 issued maximum hp at 5800 RPM, to issue any car tank capacity reaches 61 liters.

Design And Dimensions

Almost every car BMW has almost the same design appears to be ahead. With the look of the front who appears perfect BMW 320i Luxury look very elegant either. Because of the magical elements of the name BMW. Or send it automatically makes this car looks very elegant though the first new friend saw it. To design your own BMW 3 series it appears perfectly with the combination of alloy wheels tires 225/40WR front and rear tire 11.2 255/35WR 18.0.

BMW Car Price in Kolkata

The length of the BMW 320i Luxury 4, 620 mm width 1, 7820mm while cars reached 1.374 mm with a charming design. The Interior used BMW 320i Still bear the characteristic “oriented drivers” dashboard. And console panel facing to the driver’s seat. That allows keys to be easily achieved and certainly would simplify the driver. Leather seats in the BMW 320i present more subtle even when compared to other Japanese premium cars.  BMW car price in Kolkata is Rs. 28,56,000.

3 spoke steering wheel + audio controller increasingly facilitate PAL set up a sound system without the need to set it up. The hassles on the BMW 3 series is gonna see baggage section PAL wider Interestingly at this luggage see in contrast to his predecessor BMW 3 series E46. Which has a smaller trunk, it appears from this BMW 320i BMW first settled. Although it belongs to the expensive cars by 2015 has a very good record sales.