Baleno On Road Price in Hyderabad Specifications

This Premium Maruti YRA (codename) Hatchback Baleno car is almost ready to launch in India under the Maruti Suzuki Dealer Nexa. A reputable earned through Scar cross, and now currently Baleno all new. Mid-size new model it would be ideal to drive on the highway and in the city. With all the features of the basic and advanced features will provide competition in India car market. Maruti always provides something valuable to the market of India and this time something more advanced to come to India and hit the road for win the heart of India. Baleno on Road price in Hyderabad include room rates Ex-Show RTO + insurance.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a premium hatchback by Maruti Suzuki. This looks fabulous and safety features make different from all other Maruti cars. Baleno road price in Hyderabad varies from Rs. Lakhs for the base model 6.33 gasoline (Baleno Sigma petrol) to Rs. 8.53. The top model for diesel (Baleno Alpha Diesel). The street price is the final price that the buyer pay India to buy the car. This is the price of the car, all applicable taxes (Excise tax, VAT, local tax, and State Street). The first year’s insurance premiums for cars and all other fees charged by the dealer.

Baleno On Road price in Hyderabad

Baleno on Road price in Hyderabad include room rates Ex-Show RTO + insurance. Road tax on Diesel models more than the gasoline model. Because the Government wanted to discourage the use of diesel cars because they cause more pollution. However, if you need to use your car for long drives up to 3000 km or more per month. Then the diesel model will be more cost-effective.

This is because per liter diesel at less cost. Then petrol, Diesel car mileage is also more that the gasoline car. On the road price of Baleno in Hyderabad will be affected whether you choose a diesel or gasoline versions. Maruti Baleno machine same Swift which is time tested so you don’t have to worry about it. Rock Solid service from Maruti Suzuki though out the State is making a choice that is beautiful in that series.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Reviews

Maruti Suzuki Baleno has already seduced the RS along with the 1.0-liter Boosterjet motor at Nexa website. In recent times, have seen testing on our roads on several occasions in the guise of a production-spec. Visually, it stays true to the concept on display at 2016 India Auto Expo. The performance-oriented version of the popular hatchback is powered by the engine 1.0-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged petrol. That generates 100PS power and 150Nm torque and mated to five-speed manual transmission. It will also get the 16-inch wheels with disc brakes on all four wheels.

Launched in October by 2015, Baleno is Maruti’s one of the best selling model has sold more than 1 lakh units in 2016. It is offered with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. 1.2-litre petrol motor producing 84PS and 115Nm diesel pumps, while a 1.3-litre 75PS and 190Nm. In addition to the standard five-speed manual with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. Gasoline can also have with the optional CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic gearbox. Available in four trims-Sigma, Delta Zeta, and Alpha-, and in seven color choices. Rival Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz, and VW Polo. Maruti Baleno gives mileage claimed 21.4 km pl for gasoline and diesel to 27.39 km pl.