2017 Duramax Specs, Design and Features Reviews

General Motors revealed the highly anticipated next generation Duramax diesel momentarily distracted by accidentally. Publishing the details of the model year 2017 engine horsepower and torque numbers through GM Powertrain Division website. Full details of the Duramax L5P soon followed. Outlines the various repairs and upgrades that help produce 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. In addition to handling the tight conditions experienced under the load. This is 2017 Duramax specs.

Although the measure in L5P at 6.6 liters of displacement (utilizing the same cylinder bore. And stroke as the previous generation), it is not far from the typical classed as clean design. Duramax L5P replaces the outgoing love of my life for the 2017 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups. Time for the introduction of the L5P has full choke or rumors. And the speculation about the new Duramax, which some insist it will require a revision and improvement of the net transfer to reach the segment leaders. Fortunately, the rumors can be put to rest-2017 Duramax L5P received 48 horsepower. And 145 lb-ft of torque is increased above out of love of my life. That has been offered in HD Silverado Sierra since the 2011 model year.

Duramax L5P Changes, Improvements, Revision

Although the Duramax 6.6-liter displacement remains on, it is only relatively far from generation to generation. L5P electronic and structural design of the more advanced features. And stronger than ever. Contribute to increased power and guarantee the L5P survival under the weight of the machine is the following changes. Reinforced cylinder block-new casting and hardened cylinder wall induction. 2017 Duramax specs, new engine block features of nodular iron main bearing 5 and 4 bolt main bearing rivet the cross hat.

More powerful rotating and reciprocating Assembly. This includes a larger diameter of the crankshaft by the connecting rod journals are larger and increasing surface area bearing. Hat cracked forged and sintered powdered metal alloy rods. Cast aluminum piston “remelted” (the Crown of the piston Bowl rim is heated after being thrown to reduce grain size and grain structure creates more consistent). New camshaft design with enhanced cam profile.

2017 Duramax Specs

Electronic controlled and turbocharged driven geometry. Maximum boost pressure increased to ~ 28 psi manifold pressure gauge. The design of the turbocharger is said to provide a more effective, more efficient exhaust braking through improved VGT control. Single upgrade-cooler exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Integrated throttle valve was introduced to regulate the pressure of the intake manifold and EGR debit. Increased oil and engine coolant flow rates. Piston cooling jets flow of 50% more than the Duramax comes out of love of my life. And revised oil part design has a dedicated oil supply line turbocharger. Engine oil cooling capacity provides up to 50% greater oil cooling rather than out of love of my life.

Upgraded fuel system and fuel injector design. Two fruit oil pan oil pan upper parts produced from cast aluminum, while the lower part was laminated steel. The top cast aluminum engine block acts as a girdle, increasing overall strength and rigidity. GM claims the laminated steel section has been added as a noise suppressor, as aluminum has a tendency to resonate the harmonic machine.

2017 Duramax Specs Design

Cylinder head (increase air flow) the more efficient the cooling part plated casting with for greater rigidity and strength of the cylinder head. Improvement of ceramic glow plug glow plug is designed to reduce Pre-heat times. New glow plug control systems have attributes that can adjust the temperature compensation current flow to plug every individual to maintain a consistent temperature of a cylinder to a cylinder for cold starts. Allison 1000 automatic transmission back with several upgrades, including a new torque Converter. A new air intake system showing the functional hood scoop.