1999 BMW 323i Specifications, Information and Reviews

Nice car 1999 BMW 323i looks sexy though it is an old model. Has a nice sporty handling and stability in corners and be better in handling. Very comfortable better than many cars Japan and America at the same level. The build quality is very good. Since this car is a 1999 model means a model that the first edition.  1999 BMW 323i has some problems, and many parts of the upgrade to the new design. Of course, since most of the BMW car.  They have the cooling sys failure every 2 years or every 100 k. Carbon tube, replaced by a new agency, but the problem is still there.

At first glance, BMW E46 3 series compact sedan — is another. But there are many small details that really apart from the competition. It is clear from this car sporty styling. The roofline low, long hoods, and destination curves provide a profile. That shows the speed of the car. Entry level 3-ers (318i and 325i) can’t live with their image. But the 328i, equipped with a straight-6 193hp, is indeed fast. There is enough torque from low RPM in third gear. And once you get above 3500 revs per tooth. There is enough to press firmly against the backrest.

1999 BMW 323i Specification

Inside, the atmosphere was one of warmth and comfort. Soft leather and shiny wood trim provide a comfortable living room atmosphere. Standard equipment includes automatic control two-zone climate. Memory seats, power one-touch windows around, and steering wheel audio controls – ease tiny hard. To live without once one has got used to them. Options include a sports package upgrades already agile suspension. Premium Harmon Kardon stereo and set up specifically to fill a car with balanced sound.

1999 BMW 323i fast, has good gas mileage great handling tons of safety features such as the ASC. Four-wheel anti-lock breaks, one-touch power Window that has a sensor. That will not allow you to play one’s hand go up in it. The classic car has an alarm motion sensor alarm, tilt, alarm window damage. You can change the signal light one turn off the car and keep it turned on. So if you’re parking in the small streets of the allies it will keep the sides of the car is turned on so the car can be seen. And allot more.

1999 BMW 323i Sedan

1999 BMW 323i sound very good, runs very well, easy to maintain, surprisingly easy on fuel. 24 valve compared with teens 12v unit. Handling: the rudder far enough, but convincing weighted and inaccurate. The chassis is fun but can bite if you are heavy handed. Very tractable, easy to drift, and a big kick in the winding streets. The suspension is more suitable for sailing from the sport of driving. But it is more than welcome. The brakes aren’t great but do the job. Acceleration/speed: fast.

Interesting upbeat from 800 rpm. After hits 4,500 its would be howling all the way to 6.400 in fashion fun addictive. This full Powerband all the way around the range Rev. Of 20 mph, you can use 5 all the time. Electricity can be increased easily a new intake manifold & remap.