1988 BMW 325i Touring From Europe Specifications

This 1988 BMW 325i Touring is private imports from Europe last year. And used by the seller as a car since the weekend. Soon after his purchase was driven more than 5,000 miles. Passing through the intersection of the country during the trip extended the road, all without incident. Since then the car has experienced a large amount of preventative maintenance. Most of which are documented in the photo gallery. The seller describes it as reliable, practical, fun to drive and well maintained all original cosmetics all over. This is a 6 cylinder car with air conditioning and roof. That is a rare choice between carts.

BMW E30 is an entry-level luxury car manufactured by BMW from 1982-1994. Early models used the body style coupe (the two-door sedan). The model 4-door sedan was introduced in 1983. A convertible was introduced in 1985 and a model estate (the “Touring”) was introduced in 1987. Replacing E30 E36 coupe model in 1990. With other E30 body style was removed from production until the end of the model E30, Touring, produced in June 1994. E30 was the first series 3 will be available in a wagon and four-door sedan body styles. It was also the first to offer 3 series diesel engines. And the all-wheel drive was introduced to the range of 3 series with the 325iX model.

1988 BMW 325i Touring Rear

Royal Blau metallic colors attract factories, and both 15 “Euro-weaving and described. Factory style 1988 BMW 325i 10 wheels of the same size are included in the sale. Former winter rubber wrapped in Dunlop recently and last two years wearing Dunlop DZ101 Tires summer. The seller has recently invested in the Elimination of dent paintless hail damage due to some light in preparation for sale. And the BMW car is now said to be super straight.

1988 BMW 325i Touring Interior

Under the roof length, houndstooth upholstery remains original and shows no sign of rips, tears, stains, discoloration or stretching. Similarly, carpets, vinyl doors, Center console and dashboard trim is in excellent shape. And shows no sign of sun damage. While all the interior lights have been replaced with OEM-colored (white) leads the unit with dimmers. All the features of electricity including keyless entry, power Windows, sunroof, the computer checks the panels and so forth are fully functional. The headliner was replaced by the previous owner and is said to look good. And tailgate and hood struts.

Dozens of photo documents day work included the fitment of a new timing belt, water pump, cam seal. Valve adjustment, power steering lines, and reservoir, coolant hose. The thermostat and housing, plugs, Cap, rotor, wires, and more. In addition, all fluid has been flushed, the performance of the chip is installed. And all the rubber components rear suspension has been replaced including the trailing arms. Differential Bushing, and subframe anti-roll bar clamps, link and shock mounts, all using OEM parts Lemforder. Stainless steel brake lines are also provided.

3.93:1 open differential stock has undergone a swap out for a limited slip unit 4.10. The seller actually noted that the performance of winter already impressive should be further improved. Sold with clear title documents, registration, sales, and transfers are said to be no different with other cars. The seller further added that need anything to become a reliable daily driver and fun.